Paco's Pantry a Food Bank for dogs and cats. 

                           Paco's Spay & Neuter Program for dogs and cats. 

                          These non profit programs are located in Shingletown, California.

                           Harmony Acres Animal Rescue is a non profit animal rescue for all
                           types of animals and is located in Palo Cedro, California.

Paco's Pantry was created in 2009 after a beloved dog named Paco to help needy families feed their animals.  We provide pet food to low income citizens who are in need of dog and cat food.  A good portion of our pet food goes to senior citizens who need a helping hand feeding their beloved animal companions.  It is our hope we can help these animals stay in their loving homes and not have to be relinquished to shelters or worse yet, abandoned.                
                                                                                                    Paco  The namesake of Paco's Pantry.

We also have emergency pet food available for low income pet owners who have run out of pet food before payday and just need a little help.

While working with low income households in the area, we saw the need for a Low Cost Spay
and Neuter program.  In January 2012 we started Paco's Spay and Neuter Program for dogs 
and cats.

Pending availability of funding, we also have a program of hay assistance for horses of low income households that are having trouble feeding their horses. This program is available to low income households that meet the federal income guidelines.  

Harmony Acres Animal Rescue is a rescue sanctuary for all types of domestic animals.

All donations are used to fund our programs.  We are all volunteers and take no salaries.  We
do it for the love of animals.

We are located in Northern California in Shingletown and serve Eastern Shasta and Northern
Tehama Counties. Harmony Acres Animal Rescue Sanctuary also services parts of Lassen County.

                                                 OUR MISSION STATEMENT

Our goals are to reduce animal hunger, fight pet overpopulation, help find homes for abandoned animals and improve the quality of life for all animals in our community.


Paco's Pantry
P.O. Box 643
Shingletown, CA. 96088

If you are interested in making a donation to Paco's Pantry you can mail it to the above address.

For more information you can reach Cliff Steussie, CEO at (530) 474-1503 or  e-mail us
at Lassenfolks@citlink.net